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This is now an officially recognised Branch of the Society. Clearly members cannot 'meet' personally, as at the Kent Branches. However, by taking advantage of this wonderful new technology, we can 'meet' in cyber space whenever we wish!

Membership is growing rapidly and now comfortably exceeds 800, about 20% of total KFHS members. In practice the Branch is an E-mail discussion group administered by KFHS member Malcolm Austen.

Messages sent to the list by one member are copied to all other participants. In this way any information which you may wish to share, or any help which you may need in tracing your family history, can be put to over 800 people who have common aims. The willingness to help others in the group has to be experienced in order to believe it!

To join you must first be a current member of the KFHS. An application form is available on this site or you can purchase your membership by credit or debit card through the KFHS Shopping Cart. An alternative for overseas researchers is to send your applications to one of our Agents in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand who have been appointed to process payments in local currency.

Once you have received confirmation of KFHS membership, just visit:

to join the Global Branch. You will then receive a welcome message and start to receive messages sent to the list. It's a good idea to just read the messages for a few days before sending in a query of your own.

It costs nothing extra to join the Global Branch and it is very easy to
leave it if you do not wish to continue. There are some notes on the use of the list at

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